We will unite all of us together as equals!

Some updates are due

The Haven has moved locations, which means many changes. We have not had a chance to see how things have become better or worse, so many of our points may now no longer be of any concern.
The Spin Cafe has also added additional hours, which is greatly appreciated by all of their clients!
We will update this site with new information ASAP. Thanks!

This site was begun months ago, but has not been made public until just now. Frequently, patience and careful thought about events and statements observed is necessary. Motives and methods are not always clear at first glance.
There are many different types of people, acting with a variety of goals. Some goals are truly praiseworthy, while others set goals that are deeply meant to be good acts with an end result that is undesirable due to simply not carefully examining all of the complexities that are present. Sadly, many goals are set strictly to further evil causes. These are more often than not "successfully" completed.

We would really appreciate some immediate help with the following:

Please look over the whole site and consider the problems and solutions that are occurring in our community. Elections are about to happen, please examine all of the events and statements that have been made by our politicians and law enforcement. Be sure to look at our page on situation reports, which will let us mention all of the both wonderful and malicious events and people on this site. Please use the contact page for any questions, comments or other information you would like to provide us with. We expect that some people will be either thrilled to help or furious about this site.

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