Possible Haven Fixes

Most of the problems can be almost immediately fixed.
There will need to be some deeper thought to fix some of the problems however. Please feel free to offer any suggestions on the contact page. We want any and all suggestions. Complaints are also reasonable and welcome also.

One serious problem at the Haven is best served by a "hypothetical" example.

This involves a mixture of problems that involve Safety, Security and Discipline.

Tonight there will be two clients that know each other. Jake and Tim. Because of some past history, they are enemies.
Jake welcomes violence and being disobedient. But he needs and wants to stay for the night at the Haven, so he would normally follow the rules and not be any problem.
Tim wouldn't like any violence, but Jake really is a problem. Tim is basically a good guy. He also wants to stay the night at the Haven and not cause any problems.
Now, there isn't anyone running any security because that position not only isn't filled, but not even seen as necessary. Tonight, one of the volunteers is an enthusiastic 88 year old woman with some mobility problems. A real angel and glad to be helping.

Tim has trouble sleeping because it seems quite clear that Jake will want to start a fight in the middle of the night. Being a good guy, he goes over to a staff member and says that it would be safest for all if he just left and kept any fight from happening, no dangers for the other clients or the volunteer and no one goes to jail on assault charges.
Now, the appropriate response ought to be: "Thanks Tim, we really appreciate your caring, please have as best a night as you can out there and we're looking forward to seeing you again tommorrow." Tim would be let out and no more problems. Hurrah for Tim!
Wait. That's not policy. If Tim leaves trying to protect everyone, he will be forcefully banned from returning! Sadly, Tim stays. Later that night, Jake does indeed start a fight. Two other clients are hurt, the volunteer falls and is injured while trying to run away. The Sheriff has to be called and Tim and Jake go to jail and the volunteer has to be taken to the ER with a broken ankle.
Thus, the Haven has rules that make it more like a jail than a shelter.

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