Future Goals to Improve our Communities

There are many projects and areas that have both improved immensely from last year and others which have faltered.

For example, the small park downtown Hal Ramaley Memorial Park has deteriorated badly compared to last year. Weeds, grass growing up through the joints between the concrete sections and plant health has now become an ugly problem that will not be impressive to tourists except as a lack of maintenance.
However, the adjacent fruit and vegetable park has now grown into a beautiful and artistic area with edible plants. An impressive work that shows Oak Harbor as deeply committed to beauty.
Odd that these two areas are next to one another.

Windjammer Park has had a huge area chopped and smashed out to build one of the most offensive looking sewage treatment plants that has ever been seen. Fecal brown colored bricks and grey sky colored strips at the top. Any construction contractor immediately recognizes that there is still scaffolding supports on the side. Oops, that is a hideously ugly and large support for a tiny roof over some small windows. Even worse, the NAS refused to work with the city to develop it, but now wants to use it. This is a disturbing turn of affairs.

The crosswalks are being slowly repainted, but this is a significant safety issue for both pedestrians and vehicles and ought to be put on a high priority list for the city. Still, these crosswalks are definitely a wonderful feature for the city.

The Oak Harbor Police Department publishes online a very limited and incomplete record of police events during certain days and hours of the week. Why are weekends, the days of most crime and public disturbances, not available also? Some Universities around the country have been accused of trying to cover up the true number of crimes on-campus in order to get better ratings as being safe. Is this the problem or is it just a small matter of organization to correct? In order to live and feel safe, transparency is always good and shows where and what kinds of crimes are prevalent. High crime areas can then decide to form Neighborhood Watch programs which help relieve the workload of the Police Department and allow them to focus on more serious problems. Safety matters and so do budgets. Let's get the best return on our taxes possible. We all need good law enforcement. Do not ever forget to show them appreciation and always thank them for their rather dangerous work. They are local heroes which we simply must have.

Thank You Oak Harbor Police!

Thank You Island County Sheriff's Department!

These are just a sampling of many things that can be done. Everyone who lives in various neighborhoods in the city and county is aware of other things that are missing or need maintenance, please speak up. Let's get stuff done. We can sit at home watching TV and on the Internet or how about spending just a little time involved. If we give just a half-hour every month, it would be amazing to see how much can be accomplished.

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