Our purpose is to bring fairness and equal opportunities to ALL Whidbey Island residents

The inspiration to begin this movement started with the political and legal actions taken against those of low income and homeless people. In our current state of affairs in the United States, absolutely anyone who slips out of their positions, whether by loss of work or by the increasing prices of everything without any increase in Social Security or other pensions, finds it next to impossible to move back up from the bottom to anything like a normal life again. This applies to those who lost their high paying jobs that have been eliminated, to someone who has always been impoverished. We are now living a life where downwards is common, but moving upwards is miraculous.

Here on Whidbey Island, there has been a growing movement to prevent both veterans, homeless and other low income residents from obtaining any kind of housing.

We want to clearly affirm that, except for a very small number of Island County politicians and unethical law enforcement officers, we are thankful for the fantastic work that our law enforcement officers and ethical politicians are making to protect us, maintain order and who all work towards making our lives safer and to create the laws and planning to bring this county to be a better and fair location for all to live and work at. Thank you for all of this difficult work!

Unfortunately, this has now grown to unbelievable levels of harassment by the Oak Harbor police department, Island County Sheriff's department and the Island County government.

Law enforcement officers and politicians find themselves torn between obeying their orders from above in order to keep their jobs and to maintain their positions in government in order to represent the will of those who voted for them or to keep their appointed positions and try to bring about a working system that is fair and also dictated by our national constitution as proper governance.

County officials have declared that "those people" don't deserve housing and should remain in limbo, forced to unethically trespass on other land owner's property, where they can then be fined and arrested. They are then given a criminal record with trespassing charges which then ruins that person's life forever. They will never be able to find good housing, a well paid job or any hope of rising above the lowest levels of our society.


We have just begun the process to fighting those who wish to break us apart into those who have wealth and power versus those who are poor and suffering from a wide variety of difficulties.

Some reasons that someone might become homeless:

A quote at a church from someone who was looking for any help.

This happened months ago and was a situation that inspired the creation of this site.
Elections have now happened. We hope that things are progressing towards more fairness in the population of Whidbey Island for those who are less fortunate.

"In the last two weeks, the harassment of the homeless population of Oak Harbor has been incessant. People are being harassed at parks, on sidewalks and inside businesses for simply going about their business. When more than two people meet on a sidewalk they are liable to harassment and a $250 ticket for obstructing foot traffic. Anyone who appears homeless and lays on the grass in a park is being harassed and ejected from the only comfortable place they have to rest during the day. If you take a bus you better not miss your stop or you are guilty of joyriding the bus back to the station. Personally, I am lucky. I have the strength to stand all day within my rights, but many others need a place to relax and rest their head where they won't be harassed endlessly. Yesterday I had four conversations with police, each time I was standing on a sidewalk. I used to pay taxes, but unfortunately at this point I cannot contribute due to my living situation and lack of work. Regardless of the quantity we contribute individually we all deserve the right to exist and some basic amount of freedom. We ALL DESERVE the right to use public facilities, but those rights are being reserved for the joggers in the park while they are restricted from the homeless and less handsome. Personally I have witnessed the police open bathrooms for the female joggers and immediately lock them to prevent the general population from using them. This is the most poignant example I can give you, and unfortunately I know all of you can imagine these rights being taken away from you as well. Please help. For every one person willing to speak there are exponentially more whose voices have been silenced. Thank you for your time."

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