We will unite all of us together as equals!

This site was begun months ago, but has not been made public until just now. Frequently, patience and careful thought about events and statements observed is necessary. Motives and methods are not always clear at first glance.
There are many different types of people, acting with a variety of goals. Some goals are truly praiseworthy, while others set goals that are deeply meant to be good acts with an end result that is undesirable due to simply not carefully examining all of the complexities that are present. Sadly, many goals are set strictly to further evil causes. These are more often than not "successfully" completed.

We would really appreciate some immediate help with the following:


This site and organization is meant to deal with a variety of community needs and desires.
However, some ideas presented here may not be accurate. Those ideas may lack information to properly assess the deeper situations involved. Some ideas may just be faulty.
We welcome any links to outside information or opinions that are relevant. A link to Capuchado! was added for a site that can deal with many issues from here and other general news or opinions on a more nitty-gritty fashion than would be appropriate here. We would like to add more outside links. Links to outside sites does not in any way support or produce revenue for this organization, nor do we in any way give support to outside links that may have objectionable content.

If you have any links that are useful for this site to post, please send them in through the contact page.
If your link is appropriate, we will add it to the site.
If you have any thoughts, either for or against what we are trying to do, we are willing to consider adding your comments or articles directly on the site, with your permission.
This is a site for our community. All voices are welcome!

Site specific help

Please look over the whole site and consider the problems and solutions that are occurring in our community. Elections have happened, please examine all of the events and statements that have been made by our politicians and law enforcement. Use these promises and ideas to help guide for the next election. Be sure to look at our page on incident reports (which is a guide for incidents that are valuable to report, not a list of incidents), which will let us mention all of the both wonderful and malicious events and people on this site. Please use the contact page for any questions, comments or other information you would like to provide us with. We expect that some people will be either thrilled to help or furious about this site. Therefore, we are going to give an email address to anyone contacting us on the contact us page, at their request.